The River Forest Service Club
continues to honor River Forest residents
who served their country in the armed forces.

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During Past Memorial Day ceremonies, The River Forest Service Club has honored the following River Forest residents who served in the United States armed forces.

Robert K. Anzinger M.D.
Robert Atkinson
John F. Barrett   (deceased)
Edward J. Bellock
Rev. John S. Bernacki, Jr. O.P.
Charles E. Blackman
Henry Joseph Bode, Jr.
Emerson A. Bowlen
Leslie W. Brettman
Ray W. Campbell   (deceased)
Frank Catrambone
James H. Cavanagh, Jr.
Robert A. Christy
Sam R. Ciccio
John L. Coath
Anthony J. Cortese   (deceased)
James P. Cortese   (deceased)
Philip J. Cortese   (deceased)
Richard Mendrick Cortese
Richard M. Cronin, MD
Walter George Cronin
William J. Cullerton
Joseph Albert Cusack
Thomas Cusack
Rear Admiral Dirk Debbink
Frank Gerard DiFebo
John W. Donoghue   (deceased)
Patricia J. Hosty Donoghue
Francis A. Even
Robert H. Faerber
Howard K. Foote   (deceased)
John Samuel Gibbins
Rev. Robert V. Goedert, O.P.
John E. Goggin
Alice Suzanne Goodreau
James J. Goodreau
Very Rev. Theodore R. Gracia   (deceased)
George Alexander Gregg
Robert E. Grundin   (deceased)
John C. Hagensick
John B. Hague   (deceased)
David Hanson
Samual Houston Hanes   (deceased)
Norman A. Hennessy   (deceased)
Fred W. Hess
Emerson Houser   (deceased)

Larry Hull   (deceased)
Edward H. Lee   (deceased)
John C. Lennon
Harold Bernard Lind, Jr.
Fred Ludke   (deceased)
Robert G. Mackey
Margaret Martin
Robert Charles McAdam  (deceased)
John F. McDonnell
Norman H. McClevey   (deceased)
Chester C. McCullough
Gilbert J. McGirr
Page Gilbert McGirr
Edward J. McMahon
Raymond J. McMahon   (deceased)
Richard J. McMahon, Jr.
John E. McParland
Louis Medick
Charles L. Michod
James E. Monahan
Richard M. Neal  (deceased)
Michael Joseph O'Connor
Rev. R. Conway O'Connor   (deceased)
Walter G. O'Day   (deceased)
Richard F. O'Hara
Rev. John Joseph O'Malley
George Parry
Michael J. Perrone   (deceased)
Dr. Anibal Americo Pepper
Kenneth Radnitzer
John D. Regan   (deceased)
Dale E. Rider
Rear Admiral Ann E. Rondeau
Charles J. Ryan   (deceased)
Hugh Bailey Ryan   (deceased)
Robert B. Shallenberger
Dr. Frank J. Smith   (deceased)
Caesar P. Tabet
George E. Tapling
Wayne Toberman
Mario Tonelli   (deceased)
James J. Walsh   (deceased)
Robert Patrick Walsh
Daniel A. Whiston   (deceased)
Ralph N. William, Jr.
Richard George Zilligen

WANTED !!              WANTED !!
Information on any River Forest residents who:
    • are on active military duty for our country, or
    • are a veteran of our country’s armed forces.
Contact a member of the Service Club to have them honored by our community in future Memorial Day ceremonies, or fill out our online form to let us know.

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