The River Forest Service Club
honors River Forest residents
who died protecting our freedom.

Memorial Day was first declared as a national holiday in 1868 by John Logan, Commander in Chief of the Grand Army of the Republic. Its purpose is to remember and honor those men and women who have served or are serving in the Armed Services of the United States of America, and especially those who have given their lives in the service of our country.

The River Forest Service Club honors the following River Forest residents who died protecting our freedom. These brave citizens died either in battle or as a result of injuries sustained therein.

Civil War
Thatcher, William
World War I
Bartelme, Alfred E.
Hammond, George Norris
Riordan, Leander
Schreiner, Harold

World War II
Armstrong, Robert
Barrett, John
Brink, John L., Jr.
Burke, John
Callahan, Robert
Clarke, Joseph
Domville, Thomas C.
Feasley, Harrison
Freeman, Stewart
Ganson, Edward J.
Grove, Fred A.
Hanson, Robert J.
Harrington, Frederick C.
Hedburg, David
Helwig, Fred A.
Hensel, Robert James
Jannish, Fred A.
Kallal, Charles William
Lentine, Joseph

McCormack, William
Milchhoeffer, Robert
Monson, Charles
Murphy, Thomas
Niles, Ralph C.
O'Brien, William
Oliphant, Brace
Parmalee, James L.
Pavlovic, John
Payette, James
Pingel, Robert
Saur, Clarence John, Jr.
Savage, John E.
Schaloske, Robert A.
Spur, Clarence J.
Stone, George R.
Ullman, Paul E.
White, Douglas
Wiegman, Robert A.
Korean War
O'Day, Walter G.
Vietnam War
Galvin, Ronald E.
Nolan, Jr. Joseph P.
War in Afghanistan
Lee Atkins
Anne Smedinghoff

WANTED !!              WANTED !!
Information on any River Forest residents who:
    • are on active military duty for our country, or
    • are a veteran of our country’s armed forces.
Contact a member of the Service Club to have them honored by our community in future Memorial Day ceremonies.

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