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Robert F. Berg — the 2018 Grand Marshall:

Bob was a USNR ROTC contract student at Purdue University for 4 years and graduated as an Electrical Engineer (BS) in 1961. At Purdue, he was elected to the "Quarterdeck Society" (Navy Honorary). He was assigned as an Ensign with a "TOP SECRET" clearing, at the (DASA) Defense Atomic Support Agency's Lake Mead Base, Las Vegas, Nevada to serve as an Atomic Weapons Production Control Officer. He oversaw inventory control, inspection, and verification of Atomic weapons. Bob was part of an inspection team that traveled to other USA DASA sites to assure that security and safety procedures were being followed. He also was assigned as the base Chemical Biological Radiological (CBR) officer after being trained at Treasure Island, San Francisco, California. He then trained all the Lake Mead personnel staff in self-protection if CBR devices were confronted. He was promoted to Lieutenant JG and after his active service was in the Naval Reserves for 6 years.

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